Formerly, Jeff Tomasulo also served as a Managing Partner for Alternative Investments for Belpointe, and acted as a Portfolio Manager for Belpointe AlphaT Partners, LP.How you answer this question will ultimately determine your longevity in futures trading. There are many factors that determine which markets are best suited for you. Do you want to … Read More

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The following graph shows the Percent Price Oscillator for the VIX without the VIX. Unlike the VIX story, the VIX PPO(10,50,1) oscillates above and also listed below the zero line. After reaching its lowest level in years, the VIX PPO remained at reasonably low degrees and did not go beyond 10 till the surge to 40 in April-May 2010.Volatility Indi… Read More

Volatility Index For Crude OilOne day monthly, on the Wednesday that is thirty days before the 3rd Friday of the following schedule month, the SPX alternatives ending in precisely 30 days make up all of the weight in the VIX estimation. VIX choices settle on these Wednesdays in order to help with the unique opening procedures that establish opening… Read More

What Is Cboe Volatility IndexFor instance:- When the United States supply market entered a sharp improvement in January 2008, the VIX likewise surged to a multi-year high of over 37. Alternatively, when the United States securities market was at the height of its bull run in 2006, VIX was as low as 8.6, which once again was a multi-year low.The VI… Read More